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I could not believe that I fix it. Der elektronische Sucher bietet eine präzise Bildvorschau. I have the exact same thing happen and found this sight scurrying for a solution. I've tried just about everything mentioned in the manual like you and did a few more things.

I did not have the 'tear-drop' symbol, only the eject indicator and C: I hit the reset button.

Iphone 5 orten einschalten

It's on control panel that's hidden when the LCD screen is closed. I've removed the battery and put it back on again this was the only way I could remove my tape. I left it powered up all day and let the battery go to zero. I kept the tape out of it. Prayed that everything would be okay as I cannot afford another camcorder right now. This morning, I powered it back up without charging it, as there is a little juice left and reinstalled the tape. No symbols, sounds or anything. I haven't recorded anything on it yet as I'm recharging the battery right now.

I hope this can help everyone that's having the same problem Hope this gets to you before Christmas It's been a couple of hours and I've been able to record and playback without any issues so far. I've tried it using the power cord and using it with just the battery and so far it seems to be okay.

The indicators are gone.

Sony DCR- SR68 handycam movie recording disabled (Easy fix)

I'm not sure why it worked except for the prayer! I'll post anything else that may happen should it go back to the indicators without it being exposed to condensation. I hope and pray! Merry Christmas and the best of health and good fortunes to all in '06! It appears to be okay I reattached it again, which powers it up without hitting any buttons. It appeared fine and allowed me to record until I shut it off again and powered up again, then it gave me the new code again. It's most likely a condensation issue that never went away had it in the house ever since.

I'll continue to play around with it and call to see what I can find. Anyone else have any luck? Jay, were you able to get your camcorder fixed? It kept the indicators from showing up and allowed the camcorder to 'warm up'. After I put the tape back in, there were no issues. I could power down and power back up and operate the unit in record and playback without any issues.

The thing that seems to keep happening is that whenever I charge it up, and then power up disconnected from the charger , the code reappears. After minutes of doing the above, it operates fully without issues. While I like the way this Sony operates, I'm kind of hesitant about getting another. I understand that Sony has admitted that there are problems with their CCD sensors which lets undue moisture in. They are replacing the sensor for free if certain symptoms show up. On calling Sony, their response was that this particular issue wasn't related to the CCD sensor issue.

That seems to me like avoiding accountability - I mean, c'mon, the sensor lets in moisture and we're getting a ''moisture condensation'' error.

  1. Sony Camcorder Reset Taste;
  2. Sony handycam reset button!
  3. Sony handycam no sound playback.
  4. Sony Camcorder Reset Taste!

Is it that tough to put 2 and 2 together? Maybe someone more technical on this forum who doesn't work for Sony might care to explain why this particular error that we all get is not related to the defective sensor. I'm thinking of escalating this issue - I cost me more than a grand to buy my Sony camcorder a couple of years back. Sony needs to stand by its products. Link to Sony CCD issue: I don't know if I'll see it again but the camcorder seems to be okay jinxed myself again, but I'll wait and see!

I doubt I'll be buying another sony. Machen Sie 4K Aufnahmen mit ca. This superb camcorder is in very good condition, there are no significant scratches or marks on the body, lens, viewfinder etc.

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EUR 5,56 spedizione. EUR 24,07 spedizione. Firewire-Ausgang i.

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Longplay auch für Video8-Kassetten. Der Camcorder ist voll funktionsfähig und sehr gepflegt. Digital8 Camcorder. EUR 16,25 spedizione. Digital 8 Hi8 8mm Video 8 Playback.

Sony handycam video camera

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Sony Camcorder Reset Taste

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